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Ford Kar-Kraft Boss 429 historian...
Ford H/M SK 494 CAN-AM engine historian....
Former CS Shelby Autosport dealer...still going strong today!...Shelby & Mach 1 parts!

Rare Boss 429 parts!...We’ve got them!...Museum quality NOS & survivor parts!...
Note: if we don’t know who you are...we may require your KK number before purchase!
We will also check it against the KK log for production change orders and deviations.

NOS early 1969 Boss 429 fan blade!...White ink stamped in original Ford box!
NOS Ford C9ZZ-2282-A 1969 Boss rear brake hose!...In original Ford box!...Scarce as hell!
NOS Ford D0ZZ-2282-A 1970 Boss rear brake hose!...In original Ford box!...
Original KKX D0ZE-A 1970 Boss 429 five-blade fan & aluminum spacer! Correct numbers & date code! Not a repro!
Original 1969 KKX Boss 429 chrome wheels, caps, KKX lug nuts, valve stems...dated 4/1/69...rare survivor set!
Original 1969 Boss 429 KKX export brace!...Nice original paint!
NOS KKX Boss 429 front spoiler!...Purchased from Tom Tlusty...2 left!
Have an early 1969 Boss 429 front spoiler, smooth texture...Inquire.
NOS KKX Boss 429 upper A-arm with extra NOS balljoint! Super rare NOS!
NOS Ford C9ZZ-2005-C Bendix power brake booster MU-2.
NOS Ford C9ZZ-2140-B Boss 429 Bendix master cylinder 2227091 15/16” bore!
NOS Ford C9ZZ-9030-A 1969 Autolite Mustang gas cap...Mint in Ford box!
NOS Ford C9ZZ-10732-B Boss 429 trunk-mount battery tray!...Nice original factory paint!
NOS Autolite SV-29HR sta.ful Boss 429 trunk mount battery...NIB!...Original 1970 punch tag!
NOS Autolite BB-28 vented battery cap set! Complete with instructions!...
In original Autolite-Ford 1969 dated box from Autolite Owosso plant!...See last photo below!
NOS Autolite Eaton “Dearborn” Boss 429 Shelby GT radiator cap!...One left...two SOLD
NOS Boss 429 KKX water tube set!...Factory patina!...Original Ford tags!...Weatherhead-Arrow fittings!
NOS C9ZZ C9ZX Boss 429 Autolite rear shock absorbers...Matched pair!...NIB!
NOS C9ZZ-5230-C1 Boss 429 transverse muffler!...In original Ford box!
NOS Ford C9AZ-9431-A Boss 429 LH exhaust manifold!...In original Ford box!
NOS Ford C9AZ-9A427-A Boss 429 FoMoCo exhaust heat riser valve. NIB! Minor corrosion from 50 years of storage!
NOS Ford C9ZZ-5246-J Boss 429 KKX H-pipe!...Wrapped by Ford in heavy plastic, since new!
NORS OEM 3H4797 Boss 429 H-pipe!...Excellent fit!...Made by Standard Tube in Detroit in 1970.
NOS ‘69 Boss 429 KKX heat shield, C9ZF paper tube & 34 clamp!
NOS Boss 429 air cleaner snorkel!...In original Ford chemically sealed box!...SALE PENDING
NOS Ford C9ZZ-3D752-B5A 1969 Mustang 3-spoke black steering wheel insert...Rare!...NIB!
Original 1970 Boss 429 Mustang air cleaner with original snorkel & neoprene quality paint!...
Original 1970 Boss 429 thermactor pump & pulley!...Excellent original condition!
NOS Ford C9AZ-9B447-A Boss 429 thermactor pulley with original yellow ink stamp number!
Original 1970 Boss 429 Autolite distributor C9ZF-12127-D complete, Z-12 9K12, 10,000 mile survivor!
NOS Ford C9ZZ-12127-D C9ZF-12127-D Autolite Boss 429 distributor, Z-12 0H4...NIB!
NOS Ford D0ZZ-12259-C Boss 429 Autolite spark plug wire set!...dated 2Q-69...NIB!
NOS KKX 1970 Boss 429 hood scoop assembly...have 3....with NOS flapper!...One SOLD
NOS KKX D0ZZ 1970 Boss 429 primer...will not ship!
NOS Ford D0ZZ 1969-1970 Boss 429 power steering pump...NIB...HBA-CD tag!
NOS Ford C80Z Boss 429 p.s. oil cooler, mint! Not a repro or remake! In original Ford box!
NOS Ford ‘70 Boss Hurst 7275 chrome shift lever & knob!...Rare, mint!
NOS 1970 HURST 4-speed open 4 aluminum shifter knob!...Mint!
*NOS HP429 Boss 429 “R” cylinder block, dated serial number is stamped!
*NOS Ford D0AE-AA Boss 429 street cylinder heads!...Matched pair in original Ford boxes!
*NOS Ford Boss 429 forged street rocker arm assemblies...complete with stands, shafts, nuts, studs!...NIB!
*NOS Ford D0AZ-6250-D Boss 429 solid lifter camshaft & lifters!...In original Ford tube!
*NOS C9AE-6303-B 820-T Boss 429 forged steel crankshaft, std, std!
*NOS Ford C9AZ-6200-B Boss 429 820-T connecting rod set of 8. In original Ford boxes!
*NOS Ford C9AZ 820-T Boss 429 stock pistons & pins!...Full set in original Ford boxes!
*NOS Ford C9AZ-6375-C Boss 429 stock flywheel!...Mint!
*Original Boss 429 stock steel oil pan (not a repro). Excellent condition!
*Will consider selling the last 9 * items as an engine package!

Rare NASCAR engine parts!...
NOS H/M C9AE-B NASCAR aluminum cylinder heads! Matched pair! Mint!
Came out of “Ohio” George’s shop!...Full H/M Zyglow pressure water-test!
NOS H/M C9AX-B NASCAR rods! Full set still in styrofoam in original H/M box!
NOS C9AX6303B forged steel crankshaft, unbalanced throws! Near mint!
NOS C9AX H/M crank dampner, in H/M box!
NOS H/M XE-148003 NASCAR aluminum double-rotor oil pump!
NOS Holman-Moody logo Dominator aluminum Spyder intake, restrictor plate plenum...
NOS H/M C9AX NASCAR rocker arm assemblies! Complete set, top to bottom!
NOS H/M C9AX NASCAR SS intake & exhaust valves! Complete set!

Rare NOS Autolite-Ford GT parts!...
Rare Autolite GT logo illuminated indoor sign...excellent original condition!
NOS Ford Autolite “KW” hypalon boots & ceramic insulators!...Real deal not repros!
NOS Ford D0ZZ-12259-C Boss 429 Autolite spark plug wire set! Dated 2Q-69, NIB!
NOS D0AZ-6766-D 1970 Boss 429 Autolite oil breather caps!...
Double-knurl gold dichromate nipples!...original Ford boxes!
Have same set except Motorcraft stamped over Autolite!...Minty!...NIB!
NOS Autolite FL-1 oil filters...NIB...1969 & 1970 dated...
NOS Autolite FA-41 air filter element!...Nice original Autolite GT box!
NOS Motorcraft FA-41 air filter element...Nice box!...close to Autolite...if on a budget!...
NOS Boss 429 C8TF Autolite Dearborn voltage regulators!...
NOS Autolite DH-6 V-8 distributor cap! Embossed AUTOLITE on top!...NIB!...SOLD
NOS Autolite RS-12 Dearborn radiator cap...13#...scarce as hell!
NOS Autolite TKF-13 Boss 429 tune-up kits!...Mint Autolite & Motorcraft GT tin cans!
NOS Autolite Boss 429 AF-32 14mm spark plugs!...Full display quality boxes!...
If you want your spark plug wires to fit right!...Use only these spark plugs!
NOS Autolite DP-5 dual-point sets...NIB...correct points for your Boss 429!
NOS Autolite FG-19 & FG-39 fuel filters!...Nice little boxes!
NOS Autolite C9ZZ-15520-B 1969 4-speed back-up switch & wiring...NIB!
NOS Autolite-Ford SV-29HR Boss 429 trunk-mount battery...NIB...Rare...
have 2 extra...1969 or 1970 bottom case dated.

One of the neatest parts on an original Boss 429 Mustang:

Autolite vented battery cap set!

NOS Autolite BB-28 kit from Stark Hickey Ford in the box!


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